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UGottaEat is creating a social network to conveniently share your home cooked meals within your network, AND find freshly-made meals from local chefs. We bring awareness to mindfully feeding our bodies (eating), socially engaging with our community (sharing), and actively eliminating waste & hunger (loving).


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When it comes to our weight and being healthy, we tend to focus on our own body image. That is where most people get it wrong. Your weight starts in your mind and then manifest itself in your body. In the journey of achieving a healthy body, you train your mind first. The mind and body act as one. Just like you and your significant other, or a sports team. Individuals have different roles, but the team is One.

Your mind is the Quarterback, the Point Guard, the Helmsman, the Pitcher. Your body is the team that wins the championship. Making this fundamental shift in perception will change your approach and help you achieve the victory over mindless eating, and guide you on the path of wellbeing and happiness. The number on the scale is not the proper measurement. Your mind's ability to focus on the positive, make healthy choices, and let go of thoughts that do not serve your true nature is the most relevant measurement. Beginning today, use these affirmations to focus on your thoughts and desire to achieve wellness and happiness.

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